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Dementia & creativity

Dementia & creativity

Dementia Matters in Powys believes in the power of creativity to support those living with dementia. Creativity runs through many aspects of our work, even if the work is not overtly labelled as a ‘creative’ activity. From our dementia friendly community work to the running of the dementia meeting centre, creativity is often an integral part of developing each project.

Creativity in its fullest sense supports us all in so many different ways. Creative endeavours can help relationships to flourish and endure and can provide those who are finding verbal communication challenging, a route to self-expression. All of us have an innate drive to be creative in the world. This self -expression is part of our personhood. It makes us who we are. Whether it is creatively expressing ourselves through the clothes we wear, how we style our hair, the words we create, the songs we sing, the pictures we paint or the unique way we negotiate an obstacle in life, creativity helps us to reflect our uniqueness and supports us in feeling connected to each other.

Creative Projects DMiP has been involved in so far:

The Hwyl Project

HWYL was a partnership project between Dementia Matters in Powys (DMiP) and Arts Alive Wales (AAW) at Brecon War Memorial Hospital. It ran weekly between October 2016 to March 2017.
The project focused on working with elderly patients on wards, with their families, carers, the ward staff and artists on a weekly basis. It’s main aims were to reduce social isolation, improve sense of wellbeing and enjoyment as well as improving communication and interaction.

‘I liked the laughter – I am a not a very positive person but the group always made me laugh. I didn’t always want to join in but was always glad I did. I surprised myself. It made my week.’

The project comprised of 18 weekly sessions of an hour and a half each Monday afternoon in the day room for Y Bannau and Epynt Wards. Sessions offered a warm welcoming atmosphere for creative, collaborative sessions that comprised of music making, gentle movement, song, reminiscence, poetry, visual arts and craft.

HWYL was coordinated by a lead artist Tessa Waite, who attended every session. Her role consisted of supporting the activity, participants, volunteers and facilitating artist.

There are plans currently to build on the outcomes of the evaluation of the project and to extend activities to additional hospitals. DMiP are also planning a training event based on the outcomes that will be of interest to care providers and commissioners. For more information about this, please contact us directly.

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Art in Care Homes

We have run a number of different projects providing arts activities in a number of local care homes. We are currently in the process of evaluating the latest project undertaken in The Mountains care home which is a residential and nursing home for people in advanced stages of dementia. Again we are just in the process of writing up the outcomes and planning a specific creativity in care homes event for early 2018. Details to be released shortly.

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