Dementia Matters in Powys

Get your voice heard

Nothing about us without all of us!

Help the powers that be make the right decisions to help those living with dementia

If you or someone you know is living with dementia and want to be part of improving and influencing what happens in Powys there are many ways you can be involved.

We believe that people affected by dementia (this includes the person with the diagnosis, partners, children, friends, and support network) should be included at all times when any decision is made about policy, services, spending, education, dementia friendly actions, and initiatives.

For too long decisions about what people affected by dementia need have been made based on assumptions or by consulting with just a few voices. Opportunities are missed by not engaging and empowering people who have the experience, skills and creativity to contribute to thinking, conversation and actions.

We will be faced with many challenges over the coming years in Health and Social Care. We know that services are constantly fire-fighting where people are unable to access essential help and support until they reach a crisis point. Dementia Friendly Powys has an opportunity to meaningfully support and engage with everyone to enable and support all people affected by dementia.

Welsh Government are currently developing their first National Dementia Strategy – this will set a plan of recommendations, but each Health Board will decide how to deliver based on their understanding and knowledge of local need. You have the opportunity to tell them nationally what YOUR need is. Consultation is open until April 3rd 2017 .You can read more about the current outputs from the consultations so far here.

Once the National Dementia Strategy has been published (late Spring/early Summer 2017) you will still have the opportunity to influence how it is delivered in Powys – we will keep you informed of how you can do this.

The DEEP Project

The Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project is a network supporting groups of people living with dementia across the UK.

National Institute for Health and Care Excellence Dementia Pathway

Key recommendations around the care of people with dementia and carers.

Dementia Words Matter

Dementia Words Matter is a DEEP guide, written by people with dementia, that sets out the words and descriptions of dementia that we would prefer are avoided.

Dementia: More than just Memory Loss

Report looking at how services across Wales need to improve to ensure that people living with dementia can access services.

Our Dementia, Our Rights

This guide brings together facts about the key rights relating to dementia in the UK.

Social Services and Well-Being (Wales) Act 2014

The Act aims to improve and modernise social services law in Wales to support the well-being of the population.

Young Dementia Network

The Young Dementia Network aims to influence policy and encourage better young onset services across the UK.

Good Work:Learning and Development Framework for Wales

A range of resources for people working with people with dementia.

Making an Impact Together

Making an Impact Together offers hints, tips and suggestions based on the experience of trying to make change happen.