Dementia Matters in Powys

Dementia Engagement & Empowerment Project

Dementia Engagement & Empowerment Project

DEEP (The Dementia Engagement & Empowerment Project) and Alzheimer’s Society Cymru have been working in partnership (Welsh Government funded) to ask what people affected by dementia would like to see in this new strategy. Within Powys, consultation events took place in Newtown and Llandrindod Wells. The information gathered at the consultation events nationally has been collated and submitted to Welsh Government. These are the key recommendations (link)

DEEP is a network supporting individual groups of people living with dementia across the UK. DEEP have produced a series of guides written in partnership with people living with dementia. The guides include information and advice about enabling people living with dementia to take part. The guides are also available in Welsh. DEEP supports these groups to share experiences with each other across the UK. Every group is different but all have the common aim to provide: Peer support and influence decisions that affect the lives of people with dementia.

Working with Dementia Matters in Powys, the DEEP coordinator, Rachel Niblock is supporting the development of DEEP groups in Powys:

• We want to ask how you would like to be involved and what a group in your area would look like. We want you (the individuals and the group) to have the power and control!

• You may not feel that you have anything to offer, much time or headspace, or that you aren’t an activist! No matter how little space, time, thoughts or activism you still have something very important to contribute

• We also know that it takes considerable emotional strength to share hearts and minds. We believe that helping people to feel supported, safe, and confident to take part is essential. Very often this grows from a good social network as a foundation. We are increasingly hearing from people affected by dementia that meeting and sharing with people in a similar position (peer support) is priceless.

• You have a right to have a voice and a right to access better services and support.

For further information please contact Rachel Niblock (DEEP Co-ordinator Wales & South of England) tel: 07720 538851 or email