Dementia Matters in Powys

Our Dementia, Our Rights

Our Dementia, Our Rights

The guide has been authored by Philly Hare on behalf of the Dementia Policy Think Tank. This group was set up in 2016 by a number of people with a diagnosis of dementia who have a particular interest in promoting rights and influencing policy issues. The group is a member of the UK wide DEEP network, which is facilitated by Innovations in Dementia.

Living with dementia is a challenge, and you may well need support.

But getting the services and help you need is not always easy.

This booklet explains why it can be helpful to know–and talk about–your rights.

Rights can help us to uphold shared values in challenging circumstances.

The language of rights can help you feel more confident and empowered.

Although rights and laws are about everyday life, they can feel complicated.

However, there are services, helplines and advocates who can help you to ask for what you need, and to challenge decisions when they seem to ignore your rights.

The more we talk about and use the rights of people with dementia, the more our services, culture and attitudes will change for the better.